Installation on Fedora2 etc.

Hi all,

I'm trying to install the latest matplotlib on a couple of machines.

They both run the same OS (an old custom version between Fedora 2 and 3) but the rest of the setup are rather different. For the curious, one is an MR scanner and the other is a developmental machine for compiling pulse-sequences etc.

I have root permissions on both, but would rather not disturb the installed directory tree. What is the best/recommended way of going about it?

1. Is it possible to install matplotlib ( and its requirements ) in the developmental machine in a separate root directory, export it and mount from the other machine? The idea is to install once and use those from both. Would this work? What backends would work on this setup?

2. This is to be used for dynamically plotting the data coming out of the scanner. I'm also thinking of embedding it in an UI. Can all the UI backends handle the rate of about 10 FPS with each data ~5K short-ints?

Thanks for your time,