imshow is incorrect at the bottom axis

* The problem is universally seen on WinXP, WinVista and Ubuntu 9.10.
* print matplotlib.__version__ = 0.99.1
* mpl was obtained from pythonxy on Windows and EPD on Linux
* no customizations to matplotlibrc

The attached example shows a square picture with equal settings for X and Y
axes. While the X ticks coincide with the inter-square borders, the Y ticks are
off (marked by circles).

Now look closer to the border squares. These are by one screen pixel smaller in
the direction to the corresponding axis (this pixel is transferred to the axis
line), except for the bottom axis where the squares are by one pixel higher.

This bug leads to a vertical shift in additional marks which I put over imshow

Can you please make it more precise?

Best regards,
Konstantin (673 Bytes)