import error

I'm trying out version 0.54 ; it compiles fine, but on

    > import I get the following
    > /home/rca/lib/ undefined symbol: deflate

    > I had no such problem with 0.53, which was linked against
    > the same png libs. Any ideas? Thanks, Rodrigo

This is a problem with zlib, on which png depends. Apparently zlib
flag was not added to the libraries list in 0.54, though this has been
fixed in CVS. Edit and find the function
'add_agg_flags'. Right below the line that adds the png lib, add the
z lib, ie,

def add_agg_flags(module):
    'Add the module flags to build extensions which use agg'

    # before adding the freetype flags since -z comes later
    module.include_dirs.extend(['src','agg2/include', '.'])

    # put these later for correct link order
    module.libraries.extend(['stdc++', 'm'])


Hope this helps,