How to remove the white space arround the generated graph?

Hi all, First of all, thank you for this awesome library,

    > you mad my life heck of a lot easier - no really :slight_smile:

    > I'm interested into how to remove the whitespace which is
    > around the figure? You can really see it when you export
    > your picture via savefig()

    > Example graph:
    > Script
    > source:

    > I guess this is probably a pretty newbie question, but I'm
    > really not into all of this, I'm just a user trying to make
    > some pretty pictures for a student project :slight_smile:


  fig = figure(frameon=False)

do what you want?


Hi John,

  fig = figure(frameon=False)
do what you want?

Apperently not:

from pylab import *
x = range(10)
figure(1, frameon=False, facecolor='r')
scatter(x, x)

Produces the picture given in attachment. I just want to get rid of
the damn red area :slight_smile: So my graph will takeup the whole space on the

PS: If it's any good to you I'm planning to use it with NetworkX -



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