How to OVERplot on filled region?


I am trying to overplot symbols on a region filled (with pale grey
color) between two curves.
For some reason the filled region is always ON TOP of the symbols so
that I don't see them..

(I wanted to use transparency with alpha, but then it is to build a
postscript figure which does not support transparency, so this requires
me to first plot the filled region and then overplot the symbols...)

here is an example:

sampVS = arange(0.,1.,0.02)
x = concatenate( (sampVS,sampVS[::-1]) )
alpha1 = 0.98486328
alpha2 = 1.28486328
y1 = alpha1 * sampVS / sqrt(1.+(alpha1 * sampVS)**2)
y2 = alpha2 * sampVS / sqrt(1.+(alpha2 * sampVS)**2)
y = concatenate( (y1,y2[::-1]) )
p = fill(x, y, facecolor=(0.9,0.9,0.9))

==> the symbol is hidden behind the filled region although it is plotted

thanks for any input here!!




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