How to modify the font or style in clabel?

Hello the matplotlib community,

I am looking for a way to modify the font and/or style (e.g. bold, italic…etc) of the labels that are drawn on the contour lines of a contour plot using clabel. It seems it’s only possible to change the font size.
I am using python 3.10, matplotlib 3.8.3 and seaborn 0.13.2 in this script:

import plumed
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import math
import seaborn as sns
from matplotlib import ticker, cm


# plot final fes

# get data for countour plot
D1 = np.array(data["D1"]).reshape(119,119)
D2 = np.array(data["D2"]).reshape(119,119)
fes    = np.array(data[""]).reshape(119,119)

#if needed adjust kJ/mol to kcal/mol and set minimum to zero
fes_kcal = fes / 4.184
fes_kcal_mintozero = fes_kcal - np.min(fes_kcal)

#set energy levels to be displayed - levels1 for the color background - levels2 for the contour lines
levels1 = np.arange(0, 45, 0.1)
levels2 = np.arange(0, 25, 1)
levels3 = np.arange(0, 25, 5)

img1 = plt.contourf(D1, D2, fes_kcal_mintozero, levels=levels1, cmap=cm.viridis)
c1 = plt.contour(D1, D2, fes_kcal_mintozero , colors='white', zorder=10, levels=levels2, linewidths= 0.15, linestyles='solid')
c2 = plt.contour(D1, D2, fes_kcal_mintozero , colors='white', zorder=10, levels=levels3, linewidths= 1, linestyles='solid')
plt.clabel(c2, c2.levels, inline=True, fontsize=10, colors='white', zorder=100)

Is there a straightforward way to do it that I am missing?
Good day everyone!

It’s a bit unfortunate that clabel only supports limited Text properties, but it returns a list of Text objects, on which you can set any property you want.