How to get all data points plotted/displayed in a line plot

Benjamin Root <ben.root@...83...> writes:

Jens,Which version of matplotlib are you using? I wonder if this is the
path.simplify bug that was fixed for 1.0.Essentially, there was a bug in some
code that caused some points to be skipped in the process of displaying images
that had datapoints that were closer together than could be resolved. I
suspect this is what is happening here, because everything looks fine on my
latest build.

Ben Root

Hello Ben,

I have the same problem here (mpl on windows, with the tk-agg backend). After
reading your comment above, I upgraded to 1.0.0, which improved the situation:
In Jens' example code, the old version (I think it was 0.99.1?) had problems
with both the high and the low peak (which could be seen when horizontally
resizing the window); in version 1.0 the high peak is shown correctly (y=0.86),
while the low peak shows "random" values instead of the real minimum (y=-0.63).

In my environment, path.simplify is True. When I set it to False, the problem
disappears, however plotting gets (too) slow for my large data sets. And it
should work correctly with path.simplify, right?

Thanks in advance for your assistance,