How to build on OS-X by default

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I've been working on my binary packages for OS-X. What I'd like to do is change the to be able to "just work" on OS-X. this is a trick, because while OS-X is a very standardized platform (compared to Linux at least) that only applies to stuff Apple provides. If Apple doesn't provide it, we're left with:


Each of these puts stuff in different places, so it's a pain to try to accommodate them.

My goal is to build a single installable package for mpl that an OS-X user can just install, without needing any non-python dependencies. I accomplish this by statically lining libpng and libfreetype in, and it all works pretty well. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to statically link libs is to make sure the linker finds only the static versions when linking. I've accomplished this by creating a StaticLibs directory inside the mpl source tree, putting that on the path, and putting the libs and needed header files in there.

What I propose for is to have a little section that looks at your system to figure out what you might have installed, and sets the paths accordingly. At the top of, I've put:

## CHB: added the following for some "smarts" on OS-X
import sys
if sys.platform == 'darwin':
     ## This is OS-X is some form, but which?
     if os.path.isdir('StaticLibs'):
         # The StaticLibs dir is there, it should have everything needed.
         # that is: libfreeype.a and libpng.a, and the freetype include dir
         darwinpath = ['StaticLibs']
     elif os.path.isdir('/sw'):
         # It looks like this is a fink system, so let's look there too:
         # Someone please check this: I don't have fink.
         darwinpath = ['/sw/lib/freetype219', '/usr/local', '/usr', '/sw']
         #Let's just try some generic locations
         # there should be a darwinports option here too,
         # but I don't know what it would be.
         darwinpath = ['/usr/local', '/usr']
     darwinpath = None
## Note: This is where you could put in whatever you want instead:
#darwinpath = ['/usr/local', '/usr', '/sw', '/usr/X11R6']

basedir = {
     'win32' : ['win32_static',],
     'linux2' : ['/usr/local', '/usr',],
     'linux' : ['/usr/local', '/usr',],
     # Charles Moad recommends not putting in /usr/X11R6 for darwin
     # because freetype in this dir is too old for mpl
     'darwin' : darwinpath,
     'freebsd4' : ['/usr/local', '/usr'],
     'freebsd5' : ['/usr/local', '/usr'],
     'freebsd6' : ['/usr/local', '/usr'],
     'sunos5' : [os.getenv('MPLIB_BASE') or '/usr/local',],

If people have fink, and darwinports, and the static libs installed, I figure they are on their own!

What do you all think? Perhaps, if nothing else, it could check in more detail that just the presence of those top level directories. I've only tested this with the StaticLibs approach.

I've also enclosed my write-up of how to setup and build a static version on OS-X. Comments on that would be great too.

Other thoughts?


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