How do I drape an image over a 3d surface?

Is there a way to display an image as a texture on a 3D surface?

E.g: drape a hires satellite image over a low-res DEM.

I see that you can assign individual facecolors to a plot_surface, but that is not what I want.

For context here’s some links of how you can do something similar in matlab.
if you set the facecolor to ‘texturemap’.

I’d like to be able to do something akin to the matlab call. -But just using matplotlib.

Is it possible?

I do not think we have texturemap support, but I suspect that setting the face colors of plot_surface (possibly after up-scaling your mesh) is where I would start to try and implement it.

Too bad… Thank you, for the answer. This would work for some cases, but the size of many satellite images would probably be a problem in many cases. Texture support would also be necessary if somebody wanted to recreate something like this for matplotlib.

thanks for the awesome information.