How do a simple poit plots?

i see the tutorial but only do plot dont plot the points it do a interpolation in the opints and give a line or points folloing the line… someone can say to me hoy only draw points?

PS: sorry john i dont see…

2006/9/1, Esdras Caleb <acheicaleb@…287…>:


i see but when i put my point every time they are convered by aproximation in one line no in one expiremintal grafic…

2006/9/1, John Hunter <


“Esdras” == Esdras Caleb <
acheicaleb@…287…> writes:

> no i gess i not clear i wnt draw_poits not plot a

> line. How i do it? when i plot the array the result is a

> line not a goup of poits like must be...

I see – take a look at the tutorial