How control whether text & plot elements can go beyond EDGE of plot?

The first method did *not* for some reason!?!? :frowning:

    > I would prefer to make the second method work because
    > it lets me avoid having to define a Figure object
    > /explicitly/ as above. The problem with adding a
    > subplot to a Figure object is that that many defaults
    > change that I would have to fix. (e.g. grid lines
    > disappear, plot dimensions are altered in strange way,
    > etc.)

    > How fix second way to avoid a Figure object?

This is a matplotlib bug -- in in the Axes.text function,
replace the line

        if t.get_clip_on(): t.set_clip_box(self.bbox)

        if kwargs.has_key('clip_on'): t.set_clip_box(self.bbox)

Thanks for the report!