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On which subject, "What's new" starts:

    > What's new in matplotlib 0.83

    > rather than the 0.87.7

yes, that is a bit out of date.... If you would like to help here,
the file htdocs/whats_new.html.template is in the htdocs svn
repository. The format of what's new is a python dictionary where the
keys are version numbers and the values are tuples of (header,
description) tuples.

If you could take some time to peruse the CHANGELOG file and update
some entries in the what's new dictionary, I will apply them to the
svn code and update the web page.

versioninfo['0.87.5'] = (
  ("aspect handling", """\
Excellent support for axes aspect handling, with aspect='equal' or
  aspect=1.5 or aspect='norm' passed to an Axes or Subplot

  ("lasso tool", """\
Use a lasso tool for picking points -- see <a
href=examples/lasso_demo.py>lasso demo</a>

  ("true ellipses", """\
Earlier versions of matplotlib used a polygon approximation to
ellipses. With this release we have arcs supporting scale free
ellipses and circles. See <a href=examples/ellipse_demo.py>ellipse demo.py</a>

  ("pdf backend", """\
A alpha release of the PDF backend

  ("quiver2", """\
Better support for quiver / direction field plots

  ("enhanced colorbar support", """\
Supports discrete colorbars and more

  ("John Porter's 3D code incorporated", """\ A prototype
implementation of simple 3D plots -- see <a
href=examples/simple3d_oo.py>simple3d_oo.py</a> """),


versioninfo['0.83'] = (

  ("axis('scale')", """\
Added Mark Athen's 'scale' patch, so that on a scaled axis a circle
looks like circle. See <a

  ('New cursor and span selector widgets', """\
Added new <a href=matplotlib.widgets.html#Cursor>Cursor<a/> and <a
to <a href=matplotlib.widgets.html>matplotlib.widgets</a>. See <a
href=examples/widgets/cursor.py>cursor.py</a> and <a
href=examples/widgets/span_selector.py>span_selector.py</a>. Set
<tt>useblit = True</tt> on gtkagg for significantly enhanced

  ('draw events', """\
You can use use matplotlib event handling to register a callback after
figure draw using 'draw_event' which calls the callback with a <a
href=matplotlib.backend_bases.html#DrawEvent>DrawEvent</a> instance

  def callback(event):
     #event.renderer is the backend Renderer instance

  ('Full screen mode in GTK*', """\
Use 'f' to toggle full screen mode in the GTK backends.

  ('GTK and SVG fixes', """\
Steve Chaplin has made numerous updates to the GTK and SVG backends. See the <a href=CHANGELOG>CHANGELOG</a> for details.

  ('Reorganized config files', """\

Made <tt>HOME/.matplotlib</tt> the new config dir where the
<tt>matplotlibrc</tt> file, the <tt>ttf.cache</tt>, and the
<tt>tex.cache</tt> live. The new default filenames in
<tt>.matplotlib</tt> have no leading dot and are not hidden. Eg, the
new names are <tt>matplotlibrc</tt>, <tt>tex.cache</tt>, and
<tt>ttffont.cache</tt>. This is how <a
href=http://ipython.scipy.org>ipython</a> does it so it must be right.
If old files are found, a warning is issued and they are moved to the
new location. Also fixed <a
href=matplotlib.texmanager.html>texmanager</a> to put all files,
including temp files in <tt>~/.matplotlib/tex.cache</tt>, which allows
you to usetex in non-writable dirs.


  ('Using matplotlib.agg to draw paths', """\

Updated <a href=examples/agg_test.py>agg_test.py</a> to demonstrate
curved paths and fills. """ ),

  ('CocoaAgg', """\
New CocoaAgg backend for native GUI on OSX, 10.3 and 10.4 compliant.

  ('Qt enhancements', """\
Applied Ted Drain's QtAgg patch: 1) Changed the toolbar to be a
horizontal bar of push buttons instead of a QToolbar and updated the
layout algorithms in the main window accordingly. This eliminates the
ability to drag and drop the toolbar and detach it from the window.
2) Updated the resize algorithm in the main window to show the correct
size for the plot widget as requested. This works almost correctly
right now. It looks to me like the final size of the widget is off by
the border of the main window but I haven't figured out a way to get
that information yet. We could just add a small margin to the new
size but that seems a little hacky. 3) Changed the x/y location label
to be in the toolbar like the Tk backend instead of as a status line
at the bottom of the widget. 4) Changed the toolbar pixmaps to use
the ppm files instead of the png files. I noticed that the Tk backend
buttons looked much nicer and it uses the ppm files so I switched


  ('mathtext optimizations', """\
Upgraded pyparsing and applied Paul McGuire's suggestions for speeding
things up. This more than doubles the speed of mathtext in my simple

  ('Bugs fixed / small features', """\
Applied SF patches 1242648, 1244732. Fixes SF bugs 1238412, 1231611,
1209354, subplot (2,1,1) bug,