gridlines at 0,0 only

===== Original message from John Hunter | Sat, 02 Jul 2005:

  props = dict(color='black', linestyle='--', linewidth=1)
  axvline(x=0, **props)
  axhline(y=0, **props)

this is nice, i like this.
the only problem with this approach, compared to using
actual gridlines, is that it sets axis ranges, so it might
be a problem when data are not located around zero.

i'm using this for plotting PCA Scores, calculated via the
ChemoPy package. in many chemometrics applications the usual
thing is to use the sample number, or variable names
(for the loadings plot), as a plotting symbol.
are there currently a routine for this in matplotlib?

i think i can create such a plot using a for-loop and
figtext, and still be able to color the dot and the text
using a colormap?

what approach do you recommend for scaling the marker size
relative to axis ranges and figure size?

If for some reason you *really* want to use the actual gridlines
functionality w/o affecting the ticks, you could selectively toggle
the visible property of the gridlines you do not want to show.

how can i do this?