grayscale text in eps images

I am displaying some images and overlaying a scalebar. The image on the screen
displays the requested white text and bar, but they are black in the eps image.

text(1,1,'Hi John!',color=1) ---> black text in eps
text(1,1,'Hi Jochen!',color='w') ---> black text in eps

text(1,1,'I thought this would work...',color=[1,1,1]) ---> black text in eps
text(1,1,'but it didnt, so I tried this...',color='y') ---> yellow text in eps
text(1,1,'and this...',color=[1,1,0]) ---> yellow text in eps

text(1,1,'and finally this.',color=[1,1,.99]) ---> white text in eps

I tried to track this through, where:
@ line 103:
    def set_color(self, r, g, b, store=1):
        if (r,g,b) != self.color:
            if r==g and r==b:
                self._pswriter.write("%1.3f setgray\n"%r)
                print "%1.3f setgray"%r

1.000 setgray

becomes this in the eps file: 0.000 setgray

I think there is too much going on behind the scenes for me to follow. This is as far as I could get.