graphics backends

Excuse me, what does AGG stand for? And I'm curious,

    > have you looked into cairo as a possible backend? It's a
    > vector drawing library that's trying to be OS
    > independent. I think there's a python interface. So far
    > it outputs to bitmap images, X11, postscript, and an Open
    > GL port is underway.

Agg is the antigrain geometry image library. It's a vector oriented
C++ graphics library that is very fast and has lots of nice features.
The name antigrain means that it is designed not to have pixel
granularity, aka aliasing, in drawing. It achieves this with1 pixel
blending algorithms from computational geometry.

It's also the rendering library used by chaco.


Many moons ago, a cairo backend was suggested -- also by an
Australian :-). At that time, the consensus was perhaps it made more
sense to do an SVG backend - which you could then feed to cairo.

    > Interested to hear your thoughts. Maybe it's a matter of
    > a job looking for a volunteer.

Are you considering it? Actually, an svg (or cairo) backend would not
be too hard since you could follow the paint backend. paint/libart is
modeled after SVG, so it provides a good template.