Google Season of docs and Anti Grain Geometry


Recently Google announced a new program named "Google Season of Docs"
<> (GSoD) which is aimed
towards ensuring better documentation of open source projects.

Anti Grain Geometry (AGG) is a powerful raster graphics library created by
Late Maxim Shemanarev, which is used as the primary backend in Matplotlib.
However, AGG has a steep learning curve because of lack of documentation
and active community development since 2006 (which can further be
attributed to lack of documentation).

Proper documentation of AGG will not only lead to new tools built upon it
but can also revive and reinvigorate its development.

Since AGG is an integral part of Matplotlib, I believe that the Matplotlib
devs will be able to do this project the justice it deserves and guide the
GSoD technical writers properly.

I hope that my idea is considered.
Warm Regards
Pranav Garg
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