get_sample_data and transitioning to git

A while ago, John Hunter wrote:

We'd like to transition our VCS to git, and this impacts our release
schedule because of the "get_sample_data" support in the trunk which
currently pulls the data from svn but would have to be refactored to
pull from [git] and we'd like to make the transition before we do a

Has it been decided where the master repository would be hosted? The
current code seems to handle at least github just fine if you just
replace the base URL in

- baseurl = 'matplotlib download |
+ baseurl = '

(I just created that repository for testing purposes, and made a small
change to a file when testing, so it shouldn't become the final

The code is really not specific to any version control system, but just
assumes that the files can be retrieved from an HTTP server that has
some basic conditional-get support.


Jouni K. Seppänen