Generating animated PNG files with numpngw

Matplotlib users,

I just put the package "numpngw" up on pypi:
The development version is on github:

The reason this might be of interest to maplotlib users is the class
"numpngw.AnimatedPNGWriter". This class can be used as the "writer"
argument of the "save" method of the Animation class. So if you've ever
wanted to use matplotlib to create an animated PNG (and who hasn't?), now
you can!

If you go to the github page, scroll down to Example 8 to see an example of
how to save an animation as an animated PNG. You'll need a browser that
supports animated PNG to actually see the animation. Firefox does, Safari
doesn't, and I haven't checked any others.

If you use it and find problems or have suggestions for improvements, email
me or create an issue on github.

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