future of mpl documentation

I think this is a GREAT idea. I've been trying to free up some resources to
work on a better MPL user's guide for our users this year. If I can swing
it, perhaps we can help contribute some sections.

That would be great.

Given that we use the units system extensively, we'd probably have some
sections that are pure MPL and a lot of sections that use our custom time
and unit types. It might be nice if there were hooks where we could build
our own local docs in with the standard docs. I'm guess that would be
fairly easy...

This should be really easy. The top level doc, index.txt will just be
a bunch of include files. It would be no problem to write your
own top level include document, which mixes our sections and chapters
with your own as you see fit. Feel free to use the svn doc tree -- eg
you can add a html_pdf or pdf_jpl build command to the make.py file
that builds your own docs which include our stuff plus your own custom
stuff. Or if you want to set up a framework outside of our tree that
supports hooks, give it a whirl and let us know what we can do on our
end to help.

As far as contributions, a units chapter would be most welcome, as
would anything else you can contribute. I'd like to have a UI chapter
which would include a section for each backend UI, so you might want
to consider a "Using matplotlib with qt" section since you are
co-authors of the qt backend.

BTW, I understand that you guys (and mpl by extension) have a big day
coming up Sunday with the Phoenix landing. Good luck!



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