Hm. Setting dpi to 150 helped, but not completely. See

    > attached.

Interesting. I get the figure title on the GTK GUI screen, the GD
PNG, and the postscript PS, but not the GTK PNG. I was able to track
this down to a bug in the print_figure function in the GTK backend,
where I was not resetting the clip rectangle for figure text to the
larger print canvas rectangle. Fixed in CVS.

    > That's installed now, but python -dGD makes
    > it complain about GDFONTPATH even though

    > GDFONTPATH=/usr/share/fonts/truetype:/usr/share/tuxpaint/fonts:/usr/share/matplotlib

    > and Vera is in /usr/share/matplotlib.

    > What am I missing?

Nothing! There is a bug in TTFQuery -- it turns out I had patched this
bug on my system moons ago, but then failed to note it on the
matplotlib web page. In the TTFQuery src file, you need
to make the following change on line 269

  def scan( self, paths=None, printErrors=0, force = 0 ):
    """Scan the given paths registering each found font"""
    new, failed = ,
    for filename in findsystem.findFonts(paths):

and reinstall the package. If you still run into trouble, email me
the exact GDFONTPATH error message you are getting. I've updated the
web page instructions for installing GD and sent another bug report to
the TTFQuery author.

    > On the postscript stuff. It works if I do '-dPS' from
    > the command line, but not if I do 'matplotlib.use('PS')'
    > from inside the program. In the latter case, I don't get
    > any file saved with savefig.

Hmm, you must make the call to use('PS') before you do the
matplotlib.matlab import. The attached file (modified pstest) works
for me (618 Bytes)