i am new on this forum and i dont know if my first message is passed
i encouter difficulties with this type of code :
plt.text(0.25, 0.5, eq1, ha='center', va='center', color="#11557c", alpha=1,
             transform=plt.gca().transAxes, fontsize=14, clip_on=True, family="serif", fontname="Helvetica")
plt.text(0.25, 0.6, eq2, ha='center', va='center', color="#11557c", alpha=1,
             transform=plt.gca().transAxes, fontsize=12, clip_on=True, fontname="Courier",rotation="15")
because the text does not appear with the expected font
i guess i miss something (something like a path for the fonts ?) but dont know what
thanks for your help
Vincent Douce
Bagn?res de Bigorre 65200

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i have found
iwrite it here in case it may be useful to someone

then choose a style with


                  Vincent Douce
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          Bagn?res de Bigorre 65200

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