font problem on Mac OS X with GUI

I have just installed the latest CVS version of

    > matplotlib. The EPS/PS backend works well with latex
    > commands and also the png backend, but the GUI does not
    > work anymore. When I ran any of the examples in the
    > examples directory I get the message

    > ** ( WARNING **: Cannot open font
    > file for font Verdana 10

    > ** ( WARNING **: FCannot open
    > fallback font, nothing to do

    > and python terminates. I have set the TTFPATH environment
    > variable and I have added the correct font path in
    > which didn't help. After severe problems
    > with the gtk and pygtk installation via fink I decided to
    > do a manual installation by hand and everything compiled
    > without any problems.

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I don't believe this error message is coming from matplotlib itself.
Rather, I think it's coming from your GUI. If you GUI is trying to
load a font, that almost certainly means you are not using one of the
*Agg backends: TkAgg, GTKAgg or WXAgg. Which backend are you trying
to use? From your message I assume GTK. If GTKAgg is an option for
you, this will likely cure your problem.

However, we would like to sort this out for plain vanilla GTK as well.
Here are a thread that might have some relevant information for you -