Font compatibility issue with Adobe Illustrator and MPL PDF's

florisvb <florisvb@...287...> writes:

I'm trying to get my pdf outputs from matplotlib to work properly in
illustrator, but keep having the issue that illustrator does not recognize
the computer modern fonts (eg. CMR10 etc). Everything else seems to work

Is there any error message from illustrator? If you view the pdf file in
Acrobat Reader and choose the document information dialog, what type
does it list the CMR10 font as? I think this would usually be Type 1,
and there could be some problem with how Type-1 fonts get embedded.

text.usetex: True

Do you need usetex or is matplotlib's built-in formula rendering
sufficient? In the latter case TrueType versions of the various fonts
are embedded, which just might work better than Type 1.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen