fill command


I've implemented a mostly-matlab-compatible "fill" command. I attach it for your pleasure and hopeful inclusion into matplotlib. (This is an extension of our previous email discussion and involved me going and using matlab for a bit to get a feel for their API.)

2 points:

1) Is there any reason why the Patch class doesn't have get_xdata() and get_ydata() methods?
1b) If not, can we add them and let Axes.add_patch(patch) call "self.xaxis.datalim.update(patch.get_xdata())" ?

2) I think there's still a Polygon facecolor bug. John, I thought you fixed the Polygon facecolor bug -- my code matches the bugfix you emailed the list, but I still don't get the facecolor with the PS, GTK or Agg backends.


fill_patch.txt.gz (2.33 KB)

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