File open

Hi whats a good way to add a file open dialog box to a

    > matplotlib script like the one in the demo called
    > "". I'm new to python and am really
    > impressed with using matplotlib. Is there an EZ way to add
    > a file select dialog?


If you are using the GTK backend, there are two examples in the
examples dir of the source distribution (*.zip or *.tar.gz) to help
you out.

  1) shows you how to use matplotlib in a GTK example.

  2) and show you how to use
     matplotlib with gtk and glade. glade is a RAD (rapid application
     development) tool that allows you to design GUIs in a
     drag-and-drop environment.

To use either of these you'll still have to learn pygtk and/or glade

If you want to use the wx backend, jeremy has provided an example of
how to use matplotlib in a wx application

While none of these examples specifically address the issue of file
selection dialogs, if you know something about the backend GUI widget
library, it's easy to add File Selection to the examples provided.