Figure is covered by giant black blob when using xkcd

I’m getting this strange result when I try to use xkcd mode.
This is from the example in XKCD — Matplotlib 3.7.0.dev1603+g81f5f24c48 documentation. I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong here or what i’m missing.
The same pattern results in plot, svg, png and pdf.

I’d take sure you don’t have anything funky in your matplotlibrc

I just tried again with a fresh environment but it’s still happening. Should I raise an issue for this?

A fresh environment won’t erase any custom matplotlibrc you have added.

I just double checked where it was being loaded from with matplotlib.matplotlib_fname() and it was loading the default, unchanged matplotlibrc from the new venv. I don’t believe the one on my main install was modified either.

You could open an issue. I can’t reproduce, but if you are consistently getting this result, perhaps someone else can.