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While we're pointing to potential backends, may I suggest

    > (for the distant future) that VTK be used as a backend
    > once matplotlib goes 3D? I've been using (the Python
    > bindings for) it for a while now and think it blows
    > everything else out of the water. A matplotlib bridge to
    > it would be awesome as a simple interface, and data could
    > be automatically saved in a .vtk format, making
    > arbitrarily sophisticated things possible. (Mayavi being a
    > good intermediate.)

I have worked a lot with VTK and as part of a subdural 3D electrode
localization application (python/pygtk/vtk) I wrote but haven't
released yet (screenshots below).

I was planning on going to VTK for the 3D support in the mythical
matplotlib 1.0. VTK is truly an amazing library -- I was just reading
the textbook again last night (which I recommend if you haven't read
it -- the textbook is better than the user's guide). I think I could
spend a year just trying to get my head fully wrapped around VTK.

The one area of VTK that I haven't been impressed by is the fonts,
which is one reason I didn't go with it when I made my initial choice
of backends. The other reason is that is a big library so I was
hesitant to make it a prerequisite. But now that enthought
distributes python with vtk built-in, and it could be one backend
among the others, it is a great idea. The VTK people would probably
like it too, since it would ease chart/graph production for them. So
much to do!

Electrode localization program


High coherences between cortical electrodes


Thought you might be interested to see them.