error at ?

grid(*args, **kwargs) Set the axes grids on or off; b is a

    >> boolean if b is None, toggle the grid state

    > should that be

    > grid(b)

Hi Keith -- thanks for all these docstring bug reports. For the
sanity of our mailing list users, who probably don't want to overload
their inboxes, I suggest you collect these in a single report and post
them to the sourceforge bug report page

In answer to this specific question about grid. The pylab functions
are mostly think interfaces to the matplotlib API, and grid is an
example of this. Most of the pylab functions are autogenerated by a
python script. We simply pass all the *args and **kwargs from those
functions on to the underlying function. To make the pylab docstrings
more human readable, I usually include an extra line like (in the
Axes.grid function that pylab.grid exposes)

    def grid(self, b=None, **kwargs):
        GRID(b=None, **kwargs)

Where the GRID line is used to indicate the pylab syntax.

This was missing for grid (see plot or scatter for an example of how
we mean to do it) but will be fixed for the next release.