Equation box

Is this code already in the 0.52 release? if So, I'll take

    > a look at it!

No, it doesn't exist yet; it's just an idea that John Gill may want to

    > That would be a nice idea not to move away from standard
    > TeX syntax...


    > Ok, TeX has a whole range of space commands that are
    > import to tweak the layout of math expressions.

    > Does mathtext support formatting multiline strings? waht
    > about TeX's line break command '\\'?

None of the above, but I'll try and get some of them in when the more
pressing concerns (fixing the known layout bugs, porting to PS,
improving the parser to handle nested subscripts) are taken care of.

    > Thanks again John, mathtext is a great piece of software,
    > and a life saver for people like me that need to include
    > math symbols in their software. I wish I could use it on
    > other parts of my GUI such as menus, window titles and
    > etc.

Well, if wx supports drawing to any of these from freetype fonts or
bitmapped rasters, you probably can. I can help you with this if the
basic support is in wx.