eps export files crash text processors

Martin, When I try your example with svn matplotlib, I get a

    > 34 MB eps file, and looking at it, I don't see much room for
    > making it smaller--there is one obvious optimization,
    > abbreviating "marker", but that's it. (The svg file is 456
    > MB!) So, maybe some major optimization has already been
    > done between mpl 0.87.2 and svn.

Yep, Darren got "draw_markers" properly implemented for backend PS.
This function is much better in time and space; I believe only *Agg
and PS implement it, but it could be ported over to SVG fairly easily
by modifying the PS implementation.

    > The bigger problem is that each file format has basic
    > characteristics and limitations. If you draw a million
    > markers and line segments, you are inevitably going to have
    > a big postscript file, unless the postscript backend somehow
    > detects the fact that almost all of your points are
    > indistinguishable and therefore deletes most of them--and
    > this is really asking too much of a plotting backend, I

Agg does this for draw_lines -- it drops points in the path that are
less one pixel away from the previous point.