EMF export doesn't work

Now, here at work I have to use a Windows PC and PowerPoint
and graphics just look best in PowerPoint if they are in
EMF format. Funny enough there seems to be no converter on
the market to properly convert any other vector format
matplotlib can produce to EMF.

Have you tried pstoedit? On Windows, it can convert to EMF.

If not, what would you think would be the effort and the
time needed to port the emf-backend to the latest version
of matplotlib?

As far as I can tell, pyemf currently does not contain all the features needed for a fully-functioning matplotlib backend. In particular, bitmap support (to include images in the EMF) and text metrics are missing. So you won't be able to calculate the correct position of text. You'll probably end up with a backend that is less than satisfactory. You may be better off using the postscript or SVG backend, apply a (PS,SVG)-to-EMF converter, and if that doesn't work perfectly, fix the converter rather than matplotlib's EMF backend.



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