embed in wx, can't zoom horizontally

Hi, I'm using matplotlib 0.84 on Windows XP, Python 2.4

    > WxWidgets 2.6.1 w/ numarray.

    > I'm embedding in a wxPython app, following the example in
    > embedding_in_wx.py in the examples directory. This app shows
    > the same problem. I can use the + - keys to zoom into the
    > graph vertically, but when I try the horizontal buttons:

    > I'm getting the message: Line2D instance has no attribute
    > 'set_xclip' (whole log is below.)

    > The zooming is actually happening, If I force a refresh of
    > the app, the zoom happened, but because of the exception the
    > screen update doesn't happen automatically.

    > Is there a quick fix I could do for now? (besides commenting
    > out the offending line?)

This is a bug. I removed the xclip "feature" from the line class
because noone was using it and it wasn't helping performance (which
was it's original aim). But it appears there is a lingering reference
in the axes.py code for users using the "classic" toolbar. Search for
"set_xclip" n the axes.py code an comment out lines like

        for line in self.lines:
            line.set_xclip(xmin, xmax)

Or else set your matplotlib rc setting to

toolbar : toolbar2 # None | classic | toolbar2

Hope this helps,