Drawing a "robot" vehicle trajectory

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't really used WxPython so there is a little bit of a learning curve and I was trying to get something
to work I had a presentation and not a lot of time.
I have installed the wxpython demo distribution. Do you have more demos than what is in the distribution. If so I would appreciate getting them
as I would like to explore using wx python

I figured out a way to do it in Matplotlib. What I did is just draw lines and then use the line.set_data() method to update the position for each frame
My code is a little ugly and not the most speed efficient but I was able to generate the frames for movies. I used the "export slideshow to movie" command in GraphicConverter to convert the frames to a quicktime movie.
I couldn't really grok how transforms work so I couldn't move patches around.
The biggest problem is keeping the axis scaled which I never solved. I would have to play with the figure size.

I couldn't get real time animation to work, the screen never updates, but I could make movies.
Have you ever done an animation in WXAgg? When I run the example code from the cookbook, the screen doesn't update.
I think its broken on OS X.

Here is my code

animating.py (11.4 KB)


On 06 Feb, 2006, at 12:34, Christopher Barker wrote:

Samuel M. Smith wrote:

I would like to create an animation that shows the path of a vehicle moving
along a trajectory. The vehicle could be represented by a small circle with and arrow
pointing along the vehicle's current heading. It would be nice to leave a bread crumb trail
of the vehicles path as a line.


This isn't a MPL solution, but as I notice you're using wxAgg, I thought you might be interested in a wxPython solution. It would be very easy to do this with wx.lib.floatcanvas. There is a demo for it in the wxPython demo, and, if you want, I can send you the latest version with a few more demos of it's capabilities.