[Doc question] Making a helper functions

Hey team,

I was reading the matplotlib documentation and got stuck on this part:

Would it be better if the helper function always returns plt.Axis? Something like this:

def my_plotter(ax: plt.Axes, data1: list, data2: list, param_dict={}) -> plt.Axes:
    A helper function to make a graph.
    ax.plot(data1, data2, **param_dict)
    ax.scatter(data1, data2, **param_dict)
    ax.fill(data1, data2, **param_dict)
    return ax

The problem with the current implementation is that it always returns something different, e.g., [<matplotlib.lines.Line2D object at 0x1179fa960>] in case of ax.plot(), <matplotlib.collections.PathCollection object at 0x1179c3680> in case of ax.scatter(), or [<matplotlib.patches.Polygon object at 0x11786e990>] in case of ax.fill(). I found it a bit confusing that the return type of the function always changes.

What do you think?