Displaying several points with different colors


I tried it again, and now it works like charm with numpy arrays. I do not understand why it did not work before, but it works now, it’s all that matters :slight_smile:
But 3D is another problem…


2007/3/14, Eric Firing <efiring@…202…>:


Matthieu Brucher wrote:

What version of mpl are you using?

The latest, I compiled it from the source as FC5 has a very old version

  • can’t update myself the distribution -
In recent versions, the collections should accept 2D numpy arrays as
well as any sequence of tuples (and several other possibilities).

For 2D plots, numpy arrays is accepted - but not for colors, it tells me

there is a problem with tuples, I do not remember exactly, but I can
check the error tomorrow -.


Did you come up with a minimal example of this? If so, please send it
to me directly. I would like to follow up on it.