difference between filled and unfilled markers with mpl 2.0 style ?


Just a small inconsistency I noticed in the doc examples
"lines_bars_and_markers" which relates to the 2.0 style change:

  * 1.5 :
  * 2.0 :

The difference between filled and unfilled markers (for '.' vs 'o' or
'5' vs '>' and some others) has become almost invisible. At least, it
not about filled vs unfilled anymore.

I would recommend keeping in this "unfilled" category only the markers
made of segments (like '+', x'...) and promote the others (like '.',
'5', '9'...) to filled. What do you think?

Now as a different but related question, I'm missing a bit marker names
for "truly unfilled" squares and circles. As of now, it takes a plot(x,
y, 'o', fillstyle='none') to got a hollow circle.

What do you think ? (maybe I'm just a bit lazy...)

(Maybe 'O' could be hollow version of 'o'? This "capital trick" could
work for 's' or 'v' as well, but fail for 'd' or '<'... )



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