detrend_linear bug

Jean-Michel> Hello, I installed matplotlib 0.61 today and had a
    Jean-Michel> bug in the function detrend_linear
    Jean-Michel> (matplotlib/ line 113):

    Jean-Michel> xx = arange(len(x), x.typecode())

    Jean-Michel> should certainly be replaced with:

    Jean-Michel> xx = arange(len(x), typecode=x.typecode())

    Jean-Michel> It works well on my computer!

We removed the typecode= kwargs when porting matplotlib to be
compatible with Numeric and numarray. It's my understanding that the
kwarg version works with all (reasonable recent) versions of Numeric
but only very recent versions of numarray. What version of
Numeric/numarray are you using?

Todd, where would we expect

  xx = arange(len(x), x.typecode())

to fail and is there a good workaround?

Thanks for the report,