I'm not concerned by moving targets - the changes to date

    > have been sensible both in improving functionality and
    > rationalising the backend design.

Good to hear -- I think the code is becoming much cleaner. Even I
understand the way _matlab_helpers and Gcf works now!

    > I may need to think about font size scaling separately -
    > currently I just define the font point size, which
    > probably is not what I should be doing. I may not have
    > time to do this today, but will try to think about it in
    > airport lounges :wink:

You probably will. Font size needs to scale with DPI, otherwise when
you go to a high res output the fonts look really tiny. I use
something like

    scale = self.dpi.get()/72.0

which as I indicated above is not perfect but gets close.

    > By the way, I noticed on the users list that people are
    > asking for Debian packages. I'm quite happy to do one, but
    > would rather wait until things have calmed down - I'll
    > target the 4.0 release for a .deb on the Sourceforge site.

I hope you mean 0.4 <wink>. By 4.0 we'll have already acquired The

    > We'll have to think about how the Debian package
    > dependencies are worked out. My inclination is that we
    > should require appropriate support for at least one
    > backend, and suggest the others. Something like:

Required packages: python2.3-numeric, python2.3-numeric-ext, fonttools
                      python2.3-gtk | libgd2-dev | libwxpython
Recommended packages: python2.3-gtk, libgd2-dev, libwxpython

Yes, I've been wondering about this but don't know enough about debian
to know how optional packages are handled. Note that neither gtk, gd,
or wx are required if all you want is PS (or Template!) output. For
the record, I'll list the dependencies by backend below. Since I am
not a debian whiz, I'll just list the actual dependencies and leave it
to the experts to sort out the debian packages that provide them



  PS backend
    (nothing extra)

  GTK backend
     pygtk-1.99.16 or later

  GD backend:

  WX backend:

    > Debian practice would normally provide separate packages
    > matplotlib-doc and matplotlib-examples, so I'll try to
    > arrange that.

    > However, I don't really want to get into doing this until
    > we are ready to make the next release. Debian packaging
    > isn't especially hard, but it is rather tedious...

OK, but since we're shooting for release date of around 3 weeks from
now, it might be good to lay the groundwork, figure out how to handle
the optional dependencies, see if we can get gdmodule packed, etc....

John Hunter

JH:Good to hear -- I think the code is becoming much cleaner. Even I
JH:understand the way _matlab_helpers and Gcf works now!

I might need a hand there. I had a script that used to use the ShowOn
method directly, but that isn't working now, and I'm not quite sure what's
the right thing to do.

I'm trying to maintain a figure on my own, without having a call to
show(). I used to be able to set ShowOn to 1, queue draw events as needed,
and update the display every few seconds on my own with calls to



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