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The recarrays were what csv2rec is returning and that's why I was using it. And this afternoon was the first time I was hearing about red arrays so I was trying to get my stuff done with the wrong tool. I've changed my code to use regular txt file loading and all works great.

Thanks everybody for their help!


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Pierre GM wrote:
Note also that you are not limited to recarrays: you can use what's
called a flexible-type arrays, which still gives the possibility to
access individual fields by keys, without the overload of recarrays
(where fields can also be accessed as attributes). For example:
x=np.array([(1,10.), (2,20.)], dtype=[('A',int),('B',float)])
array([1, 2])

True, but the problem in this case is that he wants to access by column number,
which you can't really do with recarray or flexible dtype arrays.


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