Creating "3D wireframe" plots


I am a beginner at Python (3.6) and using it for my PhD work. My question is about creating 3D wireframe plot to visualize a meshed sphere.

I have 3 seperate 1D arrays which represent coordinates of nodes on the meshed surface. (X-coordinates, Y-coordinates and Z-coordinates) These arrays are obtained from a finite element model.

Using these coordinates I want to create a meshed surface of a sphere by using matplotlib. In most of the examples, X and Y coordinate arrays are being made 2D by “meshgrid” and a Z coordinate array is being created by calculation. However in my case I also have Z coordinates and cannot calculate it by using X and Y coordinates (which are recreated by meshgrid).

I would like to ask if there is a way to create a wireframe plot of a meshed surface by using three separate 1D arrays which represent coordinates of nodes.

Thanks for the consideration and your time.

Best regards,

Burak Ustundag