Controlling zorder of individual elements of the same type...

Well, the funny thing about my sometimes-odd results, is

    > that in python 2.3, list.sort _is_ stable:


    > So I'm not quite sure why I get odd results in a few
    > cases. And I can't seem to find a reliable way to
    > repeat the behavior.

Hmm, I hesitate to say this, but I wonder if it's a bug in the stable
sort. I also see the behavior you describe in ipython --
intermittently the order is wrong. But when I add the extra ind to
the axes dsu sort, I never get it.

Changes in CVS. Make sure you have revision - CHANGELOG 1.270

    > But thanks for the clarification on the zorder argument,
    > that's enough for me to get the behavior I need.

    > I'll update the zorder_demo example with a more explicit
    > docstring so others don't fall into the same confusion.