Contouring a large set of ungridded data

Hello NG,

I still think it's worth talking to the author, however. As Robert
pointed out, these folks are clearly not all that cluefull about open
source licenses. They may have little idea what they really are
restricting. As a simple example, someone on the wxPython list has been
developing a bunch of nifty higher-level widgets, hoping to get them
included in the wxPython lib. However, he had released them all under
the GPL, just because he didn't know any better. When someone wrote to
him, pointing out that his stuff couldn't be used in any non-GPL
projects, it turns out that wasn't his intent.

Yeah, that's me :wink:
It was not my intent because I am not really interested in licensing
things... I never cared about them, and I used the GPL only because it was
the first thing that came into my mind :wink:
Big mistake.

I think he's going to
re-release it all under the wxWidgets license (modified LGPL).

It's done... I have changed all the widgets license to the standard
wxWidgets license. I hope this will work. If it is good enough for wxPython,
so it is for me.


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