Contour Plotting of Varied Data on a Shape

Chris Barker wrote:

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To summarise, you recommend the following units of functionality:

1) Triangulation class to wrap existing delaunay code.
2) Separate the storage of and creation of contour sets so that you
can create your own.
3) tricontour and tricontourf functions to contour a Triangulation.
4) Python utility plotting functions for a Triangulation (triplot,
tripcolor, etc).
5) Simple wrappers for 3 and 4 so you can just pass in the points and
the Triangulation is created for you behind the scenes.

I am happy to make a start with this; no doubt it will take me a
while. I should point out that I don't intend to tinker with the
delaunay code, so we'll still be left with those pathological cases
that it doesn't work with. Maybe this can be revisited when I'm done.

Do you want it all in one go, or one unit of functionality at a time
(my preference)?

Thanks for this, I'm hope I'm not alone in thinking it's really useful stuff.

Let's see! I'll hold off starting until there have been some votes
for it from other people.