constructing a legend for coloured circle scatter

I was also interested in some sort of legend for scatter

    > plots recently. To that end I took a bit of a look at the
    > legend code this am with a view to adding support for
    > RegularPolyCollection's being passed in as handles for
    > legends.

    > My idea was just to assume the first element in the
    > collection is representative of the others and use that to
    > create a suitable RegularPolyPatch to use as the handle.

    > I've not got it quite right as yet -- my current code
    > produces a big blue blob in the middle of the plot.

    > Is it worth me fixing this up and sending in a patch?

I think so, the case of a solid colored scatter with varying sizes
seems sufficiently common to warrant legend support.

So a patch would be great, if you aren't too busy with the Katrina
aftermath these days ...