Connect a subplot from a figure to another in OO mode

Hi list,
Hi John,

I'm using matplotlib in OO mode.

I created an instance of Figure then add some subplots to it.
    from matplotlib.axes import Subplot
    from matplotlib.figure import Figure

    self.fig = Figure(figsize=(320,200), dpi=80)
    a = self.fig.add_subplot(1,1,1, axisbg='r')

Now i create another instance of Figure.
    self.new_fig = Figure(figsize=(320,200), dpi=80)

My aim is to add a Subplot instance to the new Figure instance and changind the number of rows and columns and the position of the Subplot.
I could have done:

Nevertheless, it doesn't work. self.new_fig is empty when displaying it in a FigureCanvas.

Furthermore, i need the property of subplot to change.

Is there any solution except to make another instance of the subplot?
Thanks a lot,
Philippe Collet