Compiling source and installation woes!


i am trying to get matplotlib working. This seems to be as of now the best
that i have found but i cant install it at work. We have a RH9 system, and
matplotlib required a lot of development packages and updates. After all
the installation (which it says is successful), when i try to import
matplotlib or run the examples:

(i am using ipython so i can do run


----> RuntimeError: Could not find the matplotlib data files

the path was not working so i manually set the path at the
file to path = '/home/karthik/usr/share/matplotlib'

Then when i try it again


----> from matplotlib import rcParams

ImportError: cannot import name rcParams

On the third attempt:


----> ind = arange(N)
NameError: name 'arange' is not defined

the numerix package was numarray, and while installation the _image.cpp
file had problems with "arrayobject.h", it couldnt find it, i manually set
the path as
#include "/home/karthik/usr/include/python/numarray/arrayobject.h"

How do i proceed now?

With warm regards


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