Combining Interactivity with PS

Have you thought about whether it's possible to use the

    > interactive gtk (or wx) viewer to zoom to a region of
    > interest then change the backend to PS to save the current
    > view as a PS or EPS? I have no idea whether this is
    > possible.

I have thought about this. It would be nice to work in gtk/wx and then
be able to 'save as' postscript. This shouldn't be too hard. It's
basically a matter of initializing the postscript figure with the
axes contained in the gtk figure.

Thinking aloud in pseudo-py-code

  .. in the gtk print function ...
  if ext matches postscript:
     psfig = FigurePS(args)
     psfig._axes = self._axes
     psfig._text = self._text
     psfig._figurePatch = self._figurePatch

I'll look into it. I think it is eminently doable. Barring any major
roadblocks I'll post a patch today. This reminds me: it would be nice
to be able to set the dpi from the print_figure dialog in the GUI as
you can with the savefig commmand.

BTW Gary, in CVS I have reworked the transform architecture and now
you can create lines (and patches) in data units (as before), relative
axes units (0-1) or physical units (points, inches, centimeters). So
I will make the necessary changes to the errorbar code to get the cap
lines specified in the appropriate units. My feeling is that they
should be in points (physical size) but the alternative is in
fractional axes size. The main difference between the 2 is that in
the latter case they change if you are, for example, subplot(221)
versus subplot(111), or if you resize the figure window, and in the
former case they do not. Thoughts?