combining figures


I am using matplotlib within a wxPython app. I have a class called plotDialog that inherits from wx.Dialog and contains a matplotlib FigureCanvas. Several types of plot classes derive from plotDialog and bring up pretty windows displaying data of various sources.

What I want to do is write a routine which generates a "report" -- namely a combination of multiple plots and some text. The format could be:

1. One colossal plotDialog with tons of stuff in it in subplots (hopefully implemented some other way besides duplicating all of the individual plot routines within one dialog).
2. A word (or some other format) document with a bunch of jpegs pasted into it (best)
3. A dialog with a bunch of jpegs pasted in to it.

Can anyone suggest a way to do this? Can python output images to a document (multiply, not just saving one jpeg)? Can matplotplib or wxPython paste an image from the clipboard (I know I can copy to it)?

Thanks for any ideas,