[Color blind] Why doesn't matplotlib cycle through linestyles as it does with colours?

If I add line plots to an axis, matplotlib will automatically assign new colors to each line.

Why doesn’t it do the same for linestyles and pointstyles?

I think that would help very much color blind people

You can customize your cycler: Styling with cycler — Matplotlib 3.4.2 documentation

Looks great! But that was not the question.

The question was more: why doesn’t it cycle through styles by default?
And, Is there any plan in that direction?

Because line styles don’t work for many plot types? Try plotting two 10_000 random point time series, one dashed snd one dotted in black. That would be my argument anyway.

But to directly answer. There is no immediate plan to change any default styles, s add nd any such change would be a 4.0 timescale. At that time there will be wide discussion so you could pitch ideas at that point.