color argument to collections

Eric -

If you are going to make changes here, would it be possible to pass a
sequence of colors, one for each line segment in the collection.
You can check, for example, whether the length of the sequence is equal to the number of segments.
Would be very helpful for some people, as I have seen requests for this possibility several times on the list.

Thanks, Mark


Message: 3
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 14:44:07 -1000
From: Eric Firing <
Organization: University of Hawaii
To: John Hunter <jdhunter@…17…>
CC: matplotlib development list <>
Subject: [matplotlib-devel] color argument to collections


Collections would be easier to use if they did not have the restriction

(from the docstring):

 All color args to a collection are sequences of rgba tuples

It would be easy to remove this restriction; shall I do it, or is there
a reason to leave the restriction in place? (The error message that

results from violating the restriction is not helpful, and it would be
as easy to remove the restriction as to improve the error handling.)